Pesto Veg Chicken

I was given a pack of boneless chicken thighs the other night, so I had to do something with them. Lucky for me I have a few things on hand to make this a super cheap dinner and meal prep for the week.  Continue reading


Pasta Monday

I was cleaning out my pantry over the weekend and found a crap load of lasagna noodles (4 unopened boxes). I think you can guess what I made today.

Lasagna Monday

X-Men Pasta Monday. LOL!

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Just a few things…

This is just a sample of a few things I use everyday in my cooking. Ms. Dash is the best thing ever! I like to use non-salt based season mixes. As you can see Olive Oil is a must and Montreal Steak grill mix (when you need salt!), I also have garlic and onion powder cubes for crock pot cooking.

BTW, no matter what the host of “Americas Test Kitchen” said  I love my toaster oven to death!

Other PBS cooking shows I love:

Everyday Foods
Primal Grill
Nick Stellino Cooking with Friends