Pesto Veg Chicken

I was given a pack of boneless chicken thighs the other night, so I had to do something with them. Lucky for me I have a few things on hand to make this a super cheap dinner and meal prep for the week.  Continue reading


Small Round up!

I’m still kicking it. Had an accident with my ankle at the start of December. What a nightmare, was in bed for 2 weeks. Anywhoo! Food!

I was a bit bored over the holiday/winter season. Clockwise >>

Curtido ( Salvadorian Kraut)  I got SUPER lazy with this one. Bought a bag of cole slaw mix . My mom told me to scrub the cabbage with salt and I mean scrub. Let it sit for 30 min and rinse. Added apple vinegar , salt ( not much) , oregano and white onion.

Pork Loin Apple studded pork loin with bacon wrap. Maple, soy sauce, bourbon and herbs. Smells awesome.

Pork Belly thin cut with rib bones, Soy sugar and green onion. Then Pho it or Stir-fry.

Meat Bun, Lotte Plaza frozen section BBQ meat bun. Crack!!!