What is going on?

It’s 2016 and I’ve drop off the face of the web. It’s been a struggle this past year, I gained my lost 10lbs. I have no excuse, I had a gym and I could do the food. But I blamed it on my job and my video gaming.  Truth was, I got lazy.  It wasn’t till I took a hard look this past few months that I wanted to start again. So! It’s okay to start again from square one. I want to press this issue, because as a woman we beat ourselves up a lot.

But you’re here for the food right, and it’s coming! I just want to post this, so we can have a new beginning on this blog and to say “You’re not alone!”. You can also pick on my lack of typing and grammar skills, as I have none and don’t care..LOL!


My son and I at the DC United game at RFK in Washington D.C.


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