Review: Field Trip Beef Jerky

Holy crap! I think I found a jerky that I like. Picked this up at Target yesterday ($4). I’ve had a run of testing out jerky the past few months. Beef, Turkey, and Bison jerky. Everyone has the trashy big names and the artisan stuff, in my case it was truly out of hunger. I’ve started reading labels a lot, I need to watch my sugar and salt intake.

Field Trip is labeled “Artisan”, but I mostly got it for the 3g of sugar and 390mg sodium per serving. I got the Original (no.3) Beef Jerky, and it taste like “Carne Asada”. Bit more heat from the pepper, a mild taste of low sodium soy sauce. Its’ awesome! ¬†You’re getting 2oz for $4, so it’s not a everyday type of snack. This will be great on our rides up to NJ.

Field Trip Web Site


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