Dinner and a Turkey

Let’s start this lovely monday morning by saying… Batman Movie was Epic! I  haven’t LOL’d so hard in a long time. I’d like to “not” thank the people sitting next to me for the dvd commentary. Good lord, it’s a theater…. not your living room.

Rant out of way!

Let’s play catch  up with a few dishes from last week!

The image above is baby back ribs in salsa. Salt & Pepper and half a jar of Pace Slasa, 6-8 hours in the crock pot. Fall off the bone taco meat!

Crock-pot liners are a must!

Sunday Night Dinner, was once again meat! Montreal Steak, meat and zucchini on an indoor grill.

Turkey! Turkey breast to be exact. I made this for my lunch for during the week. Turkey breast 5lbs, Ms. Dash, butter and cook in the crock-pot for 6hours. I mixed the butter and Ms. Dash to make a compound butter, I placed some of it under the skin and on top. Once out of the crock-pot roast in the oven for 15mins to crisp up the skin, great thanksgiving cheat!


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