Road Trip’n

“The Love Boat!!”

Driving our way up to NJ this past weekend to see family and all plans of a diet go out the window with my toll money.

This beastly thing is called a ” Jersey Steak”, meat, cheese, A1, onions, peppers and steak fries. In the photos above, you can see HALF of a “small” size. Yeah its that’s big and its a lot of bread (Taste crazy good).  It took me most of the weekend to chip away at my half of this cheese steak. [Gaetano’s the Original – 498 Beverly Rancocas Rd Willingboro Township, NJ 08046]

Sometimes you feel things are too pretty to eat. But damn if sushi doesn’t taste good! In the photo (at the very top), we ended up at my BF’s favorite sushi place. Ordered a “Love Boat” for two and listened to some guy that sounded like Yoda in the other booth. It was a strange Saturday. I ended up getting sick, not because the sushi was bad, I just happen to have a shellfish allergy. But hey! I like to live dangerously, and lose motor skills in the process (no biggie). [ Yama Sushi ]

Must be nice to eat shrimp…I miss it!

sushi cute

I’m to cute to die!


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