Sunday Dinner – Japanese Pork Cutlets

So I got fancy on sunday, when I dug out the pork from the basement freezer. For some reason we had a 3lbs bag of Panko  Bread Crumbs, so I used them. 1inch pork cutlets, cut them in half and pounded them out with my lemon juicer (LOL! it’s metal).

Flour, lightly beaten eggs, and bread crumbs in a bag (with some salt and pepper). Dip you pork into the flour, then the egg and lastly I had my crumbs in a zip-lock bag to do a shake and bake.

Fry till golden brown, not black ( Your oil may be too hot). Place your fried pork on a tray and cook it for another 10mins in the oven at 375. I did mine in batches of 4, ended up with 12 pieces.


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