Oldies but Yummmmy! – Chirmol para Carne

I’ll try to post some of my older photos with recipes in this segment I call, ” Oldies but Yummy”. This week we take at look at my Spanish roots, with Chirmol! Whatever mexican place you’ve been to, it’s call Pico de Gallo, however the Salvadorian version is better…LOL!

 Salsa , Pico de Gallo, Chirmol para Carne. What ever you call it, it’s damn good!

In Spanish (English):

  • Tomates (Tomatoes)
  • cilantro (Cilantro)
  • cebolla (Onion, Red or white)
  • limón (Lime)
  • Sal al gusto (Salt)

You’ll want to make this ahead of time, and let it sit for 15min. This way all the flavors will blend nicely. So what the heck is “Carne” you ask? Meat. Chirmol is mostly used on “Carne Asada“, or grilled meat.  This is what mine looks like >>

Any cut of meat, I like Flank, and cheap Round or Top cut. Add some Montreal Steak Seasoning to the meat and let it sit while you heat up the grill. Then Cook, that’s it. Do your 45 degree turn to get the fancy grill marks, to impress the in-laws. Serve with rice, veggies and chirmol on top or on the side.


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