Pasta Monday

I was cleaning out my pantry over the weekend and found a crap load of lasagna noodles (4 unopened boxes). I think you can guess what I made today.

Lasagna Monday

X-Men Pasta Monday. LOL!

1lbs of Ground Turkey
half small onion
Italian seasoning
( Brown the meat, chop the onions and add to meat, add the seasoning at the end. Set aside )

Cheese Mega Mix!
mozzarella cheese, shredded & grated Parmesan cheese ( Target sells a mix bag )
Garlic chopped or in my case 1 cube
1 egg
15oz Ricotta Cheese container ( the whole thing)
Mix it all in a bowl and keep it chilled till you use it.

Read the box on how to make the pasta and then get a container to make your Lasagna creation. Guess what!? I made mine in the toaster oven. Glass container, some sauce on the bottom, layer pasta. Pasta, Cheese mix, and Meat Mix, wrap top in foil. Cook at 375 for 30mins and then uncovered for 10mins.

While you wait … Deadpool Dance!


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